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JunkGator offers the easiest and most affordable junk removal services US-wide. If you’re looking to haul away large bulky items, then we can help – rely on us to handle all the heavy lifting and disposal for you. We’re also one of the only junk haulers offering a low-cost junk removal service, guaranteed!

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Table of contents:

  • Type of junk we pick up and haul away
  • Local junk haulers. Best Prices!
  • Questions and answers about junk removal
  • The importance of responsible junk removal
  • Our junk removal process simplified
  • Lastly… How much does junk removal cost?

Type of junk we pick up and haul away

Reliable junk pickup service for all your unwanted bulky items, and construction debris. We’ll take on any job, no matter how big or small, and we do all the heavy lifting. Below are some of the items we haul and dispose of:

Sheds | | | Carpets | | Pianos | | | Patio furniture | Kitchen cabinets | Kitchen appliances | | | Refrigerators | Trampolines | Pool tables | Christmas trees | Construction debris | | | | Baby equipment | Tools | Waste | | Televisions | Bicycles | | Scrap metal | Dishwashers | Office furniture

Local junk haulers. Best prices!

We help make your junk disappear with no magic tricks involved - just plenty of hustle and muscle from reputable junk haulers near you.

Say goodbye to household clutter, bulky items like furniture and mattresses, and all sorts of waste from your home or business by getting no-obligation quotes from approved junk haulers listed on JunkGator. We’re an online marketplace that puts you in touch with local, independent junk removal companies across the United States that load and remove junk from your property quickly and safely at affordable and competitive prices.


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Questions and answers about junk removal near you… We’ll do our best to answer them below

Do all junk removal businesses provide the same services?

Not always. Every junk hauling business in the USA must abide by municipal, state, and federal waste disposal laws, but they don’t all provide the exact same services. Some specialize in demolition work, hauling off building waste and scrap metals and some can handle hazardous materials like asbestos. Some will specialize in house cleanouts, some specialize in commercial business cleanouts. There’s a lot of variation at times.

Will I be paid for my junk?

You very well could be paid for your trash. Some junk haulers operate by simply collecting and disposing of your waste at the landfill, but this isn’t really cost-effective for them (nor for you). It’s also generally wasteful and bad for the environment, provided that some or all of the waste could be diverted from the landfill altogether.

Economically, it often makes sense for junk haulers to keep their own operating costs low which allows them to offer you competitive rates. One way to do this is to recycle as much as possible. Electronic waste, organic waste, and scrap metal are all perfectly good examples of waste that can be recycled and even profitable. With the cost of landfill dumping going up steadily, the incentive to divert waste from landfills enables them to cut costs while simultaneously reducing the environmental effects of dumping waste into landfills.

Junk hauling companies sometimes also resell or salvage waste in order to maximize profits and to keep their operating costs low. If something can’t be sold, it might be safe and sensible to donate to a charity, thereby helping those in need.

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

Illegal dumping is a big problem in the US, with many ‘cowboys’ promising you rock-bottom prices to dispose of junk. If you end up using the services of one of these unscrupulous “businesses,” you yourself could end up with legal problems, so it’s always best to choose a reputable junk hauler instead.

Depending on your state, illegal dumping may be considered either a misdemeanor or a felony and can lead to fines, incarceration, probation, or community service. In other words, don’t risk it!

The way that these rogue haulers tend to work is that they’ll quote you an extremely low rate to haul off your trash, then in the middle of the night they’ll dump it in a ditch or on someone else’s property out in the countryside, for example. What makes the problem even worse is that the dumping is often indiscriminate; car batteries mixed with garbage and other potentially toxic waste, for instance, pollute the environment and destroy ecosystems for flora and fauna.

Make sure you only work with businesses that are legitimate and committed to dumping in a legally-compliant and environmentally-friendly manner by maximizing recycling and minimizing waste in landfills. Let’s keep America beautiful and let’s keep it clean!

The importance of responsible junk removal

It’s more important than ever that we consider responsible waste disposal. As of 2018, the Environmental Protection Agency reported that 292.4 million tons of municipal solid waste (MSW) were generated in the US. That works out to almost 5 lbs of waste per capita, every day.

The good news is that since the 1960s, recycling and composting have gone up from around 6.4% in 1960 to 32.1% in 2018, but that still leaves around 50% of all MWS ending up in landfills. Some waste in landfills decomposes rather quickly with aeration, but other waste can take practically forever to decompose and simply ends up polluting groundwater, soils, and the air in our great nation.

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Environmental benefits.

At the municipal, state, and federal levels through the EPA’s Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), commitments are increasingly being made through frameworks and policies to better manage solid waste in the United States.

All the member partners listed on this site are committed to environmental stewardship and will endeavor to minimize needless waste going to landfills and instead will attempt to either recycle, resell, or donate waste whenever appropriate to do so.

Save time, save money.

Insured member partners on JunkGator save homeowners and business owners plenty of time and money. Compared to many of the big-name competitors, our members tend to be local, independent businesses that can offer the best prices and expert local knowledge. Choosing a local service provider also cuts down on travel time and emissions, which is also beneficial for the environment.

Healthier, tidy living spaces.

A big benefit of de-cluttering your home is quite obvious - less clutter and less waste lead to healthier, more productive living spaces. Getting rid of moldy mattresses or water-damaged carpets, for example, will also improve air quality within the home and lessen allergic and asthmatic reactions.

Our junk removal process simplified

Find a local junk hauler.

When you need junk removed from your property, don't waste your time calling every single junk removal company near you. Instead, use JunkGator to make the process quick and easy. To get started, click on "GET QUOTES" then enter your ZIP code. Choose one of our reliable, approved partners and request a no-obligation quote.

Choose the right company.

While most haulers won't hesitate to come by and pick up an old mattress and some household trash, not all of them provide the exact same services. Hazardous and toxic waste, for example, requires the right training and PPE and thus many businesses are not qualified or experienced with hazardous waste.

Sort out the waste.

If you're in need of house cleanout services, be sure to hold onto any items of value and only leave the junk behind. Sort out what you plan to keep and put it aside (notify them so they don't accidentally remove it). Don't handle any hazardous or toxic substances, especially building waste that could contain asbestos.

Ready for collection.

After you've chosen your preferred junk hauler and decided on a suitable time and place for them to meet you, make sure they have safe access to and from your property once they arrive. Big jobs can take a few hours or longer, so a clear path through which they can navigate safely will cut down on time and by extension, lower the costs.

Lastly… How much does junk removal cost?

This is a big question “it depends,” but consider the following:

  • Waste category: certain types of waste incur higher fees at municipal and county landfills, such as mattresses, electronics, appliances, and hazardous waste. If the junk hauler has to pay more to dump these types of waste, the costs will be passed onto you.
  • Quantity of junk to be removed: one of the biggest cost drivers for removing junk is how much needs to be removed. The more waste, the more it will normally cost.
  • Time and labor requirements: the longer the job takes, the more the junk haulers will likely charge. Large properties full of junk in hard-to-reach areas or with multiple flights of stairs will take longer to clear.
  • After-hours service: if the junk hauler provides evening, weekend, or holiday services, expect to pay a premium for after-hours services.
  • Experience: experienced teams may charge more because they’re reliable or well-known, but this isn’t always the case. Often, experienced junk haulers offer competitive rates so they can outcompete the big competitors.
  • Location: if you’re calling in a junk hauler from faraway counties or cities, it’ll certainly end up costing you more as well as creating more emissions. Choose a local, nearby company listed on this site.
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