‘Ted Lasso’ Season 3, Episode 7 Recap: Restaurant Week (2023)


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Nate pursues a crush, Sam endures a lesson in politics, and the team discovers the cost of “Total Football.”

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‘Ted Lasso’ Season 3, Episode 7 Recap: Restaurant Week (1)
(Video) ‘Ted Lasso’ Season 3, Episode 7 Recap: Restaurant Week

Season 3, Episode 7: ‘The Strings That Bind Us’

The episode opens upon a sunny London morning, with stores opening to the lovely song “Dreams” by the Cranberries. And not just any stores: a bakery featuring a rainbow of macaroons in the window; a florist shop whose fragrant, colorful wares are being laid out for the day.

An ever-training Jamie is pulling Roy on (of course!) a bicycle, while the latter growls “Mush!” And Nate, whom we didn’t see at all in last week’s Amsterdam episode, pauses as he passes his favorite restaurant, A Taste of Athens. He waves to Jade, the once-hostile hostess with whom he shared some conciliatory baklava and wine two episodes ago, after his model-date ditched him. Jade is surprised at the attention but waves back, and Nate smiles more happily than we’ve seen him since, a season ago? Longer? Oh, the heck with it, let’s go on directly from here.


I won’t lie. It’s nice to see Nate smile again, and not just any smile: the smile of innocence and insecurity that all but defined his character in Season 1. Jade’s abrupt transformation over baklava may have strained credulity, but it was nonetheless the kind of understated feel-good moment that has long been a “Ted Lasso” specialty. My ongoing prediction that Good Nate would ultimately overcome Bad Nate is looking more and more likely. (A bit more on this — and on what was arguably missing from this episode — in a moment.)

Later, Nate’s mother texts to urge him not to forget his sister’s birthday, and he recommends A Taste of Athens, his treat. Now, he would almost certainly have done this under any circumstances: He has made abundantly clear that the restaurant is his family’s default for celebrations of any kind. But now it’s also clear that he has another motive in addition.

No such luck, however. Mom has decided to cook at home. “Please don’t be late. You know how your father gets,” she texts, in a brief reminder that Nate’s dad is one of the show’s many problematic fathers.

(Video) Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 7 The Strings That Bind Us Recap

So Nate distracts himself like any lovestruck fool in the age of smartphones, asking Siri, “How can you tell if a girl likes you or is just being kind to you?” The succinct answer supplied by Apple’s engineers: “You can’t.”

This is not, of course, how Siri responds to this particular query in real life — I asked my own iPhone the same question and was presented with multiple websites on the topic. And yes, I now fear that some distant corporate subroutine will begin inundating me with ads for dating sites.

But back to Nate, who asks his mother and sister the same question at dinner and receives precisely the same response. But after his father, niece and brother-in-law have left, Nate’s sister cajoles his mother into sharing with him the “map” his father had made for her before their first date, showing how they had been growing closer — in geographic terms, to be clear — for years. It’s settled. Nate will ask Jade out.

His first effort, however, is abortive. “There’s something I’d like to ask you,” he stammers, “umm … would you … excuse me one moment?” He takes a quick trip to the bathroom — I can’t be the only one who was pleading “Please don’t spit on the mirror!” — where he has an epiphany. Like his father, he will construct a grand gesture-cum-visual-aid to woo Jade.

So he puts the decorative-shoebox skills he has honed with his niece to work. And though the box is crushed in the street, Jade says yes to dinner and, despite Nate’s fears, does not stand him up.

So, what, as I suggested above, did I think was missing? We only saw half of Nate’s ongoing evolution. He is apparently reverting back toward Good Nate but what does that look like at work, particularly in relation to his boss, the Mephistophelean sleazeball Rupert? We don’t know. Glimpses of what remains of Bad Nate will have to wait for another episode.


We first see Sam visiting his own restaurant, Ola’s, where he asks his chef, Simi (Precious Mustapha), whether there’s an open table on Friday. After a rowdy laugh, she replies that the place is “booked for months. The ‘waiting list’ is a lie we tell people.” But when told that Sam’s “very special guest” is his father, traveling all the way from Nigeria, she agrees to work something out. Yes! Sam’s dad, whom we’ve only heard over the phone to date! The best father — with the possible exception of Higgins, whose parenting of five boys we rarely witness — on a show full of lousy ones!


Simi, meanwhile, is furious that the (fictional) U.K. Home Secretary, Brinda Barot, is turning away a boatload of Nigerian refugees from English shores. So Sam being Sam, he sends a mild tweet intended to appeal to her “better angels.” Barot’s Twitter reply, however, falls decidedly short of angelic: “Footballers should leave the politics to us and just shut up and dribble.” For those who may not recall, the show is directly channeling a 2018 quote from the Fox News host Laura Ingraham, who said the NBA stars LeBron James and Kevin Durant should leave politics alone and “shut up and dribble.”

The tweets escalate on both sides, until Sam, on the day of his father’s arrival, goes by the restaurant to find it in ruins: the door smashed in, mirrors shattered, tables and chairs broken into kindling. But Sam’s father (played by Nonso Anozie, whom I remember best as the actor saddled with the line “I invoke Sumai” in Season 2 of “Game of Thrones”) preaches patience and forgiveness. “Don’t fight back, fight forward,” he counsels.

(Video) TED LASSO Season 3 Episode 7 Ending Explained

At the end of the episode, Sam takes his father to see the fractured restaurant, only to find his teammates hard at work repairing it. Now, I confess I’d spent much of the episode trying to remember why Sam had named the restaurant Ola’s; I was planning to recheck Episode 3 and even last season for clues. But no need. When Simi introduces herself to “Mr. Obisanya,” he is having none of it. “Call me ‘Ola,’” he tells her. The look on his face when Bumbercatch re-illuminates the restaurant’s sign is utterly endearing, but still less endearing than the groove he gets into with Sam in the kitchen just before the credits roll.

Keeley and Jack

Presumably having Aurora-Borealised to their hearts’ content last episode, Keeley and Jack mostly limit themselves to coffee this time around, even if those coffees involve signed Jane Austen first editions and jewelry-filled pastry. In between, Keeley — who’d confided to Jack her love of daisies — returns to an office overflowing with them. She is being “love-bombed,” as Rebecca explains, overwhelmed with grand, expensive gestures.

A brief aside: When Rebecca compares this love-bombing by Jack to her own wooing by Rupert so many years ago, it is surely a bad sign, no matter how quickly it is waved away. But it also paints Rebecca, deliberately or not, in a somewhat less than appealing light. She accepted a Jaguar from Rupert on their second date? And upon learning that Jack is paying for her and Keeley’s dinner, Rebecca — who is, of course, herself fabulously rich — puts two bottles of 1934 Chateau Cheval Blanc St. Emilion Premier Grand Cru on the tab to go? They sell online for about $2,000 a pop! (Also, is it just me or is it a tad stalker-y for Jack to secretly pay for Keeley and Rebecca’s dinner?)

Earlier, in Keeley’s office — the on-again, off-again gag about the opacity of Keeley’s window was a bit much — she wondered about the nature of having a relationship with her boss. (This was the scene for which I waited in vain during last season’s Rebecca-Sam relationship; more on that later.) Jack replies, “We can’t get in trouble because we’re two consenting adults” — this is quite untrue — “and because I’m get-away-with-murder rich.” Which is probably true, but not terribly becoming. And when Keeley presses and Jack compares herself to “everyone connected with Epstein” — well, that’s not the comparison I would be looking for in a romantic partner.

Is it just me, or do Rebecca’s Jaguar and Keeley’s Jane Austen, flowers and diamond ring (however quickly returned) stand in stark and probably deliberate contrast to Nate’s grand gesture of a shoe box with glued-on glitter and stars? I see red flags aplenty here — I hadn’t even mentioned Rebecca’s “Sometimes shiny things can tarnish” line — and I’m not sure that any level of love-blindness will ultimately turn them green.

The Team

This was the episode’s weakest link. Following Ted’s hallucinatory reinvention of the Dutch star Johan Cruyff’s 1970s strategy “Total Football” last episode, the coaching staff begins drilling the team in its principles in preparation for their very next match.

The first practice, on “conditioning,” is fine. Ditto the second one, on “versatility,” although no matter how “total” Total Football may be, it does not involve swapping out your goalkeeper, especially not in favor of the team’s shortest player. (The Beard-Will swap was modestly amusing, though, and kept to the requisite small dose.)

But the “awareness” practice in which the players used red string to tie themselves to one another’s man parts? Count me out. Humor this broad — see also Isaac’s corner kick into Higgin’s office window — has never been a strong suit for “Ted Lasso.” (Given that the show based its episode title on this gag, the writers evidently disagree.)

Total Football proves to be a disaster during the first half of the team’s match against Arsenal, with Richmond players colliding all over the field. But at halftime, Good Jamie — who’s beginning to prompt the question “How good can he get?” — suggests he become a facilitator rather than a scorer. And though the team still loses, this plan unleashes a “symphony,” in the words of the match commentators, “with Tartt in the role of conductor.”

That said, my favorite part of this story line was Ted’s response when an incredulous Trent asked him if he really intended to swap strategies midseason: “It’s kind of like going on a hike with Robert Frost. It could go either way.”

(Video) Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 7 Ending Explained | Recap


Odds & ends

  • See? I’m not alone in doubting the propriety of last season’s Sam-Rebecca relationship. Sam’s father clearly agrees, and I’ll happily be on Team Ola any day of the week.

  • Speaking of Rebecca: She confirms that she and last episode’s mysterious Dutchman did not have sex but shared something that “transcended sex.” It was “Gezelligheid.” Alas, that’s all we get this episode. I, for one, still hope for more.

  • For all of Nate’s positive evolution this episode, it’s still a little disturbing to discover that he’s programmed Siri to address him as “Wunderkind.” He still has a ways to go.

  • I’m sorry, but going back to the early-ish scene of Beard and Ted in the pub: There is no way Ted Lasso knows what “pegging” is. If you don’t know either, feel free to look it up, with caution.

  • In response to Ted’s suggestion that if he’d kept an early beard, he and Coach Beard would look like a ZZ Top cover band, Roy dubs them “Sharp Dressed Men,” before catching himself: “God, I hate what you’ve done to me.” His Sasquatch-themed pun is even better, if unrepeatable here.


(Video) Ted Lasso season 3 episode 7 reaction and review: A Roy Kent, Jamie Tartt spin off?

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How long is Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 7? ›

What is episode 7 of Ted Lasso season 3 about? Episode 7 is titled Boxes. The episode runs approximately 45 minutes.

Who is the waiter in Ted Lasso Season 1 Episode 7? ›

Geoff is a minor character featured in the Apple TV+ show, Ted Lasso. He is a waiter who serves Rebecca Welton, Flo Collins, and Keeley Jones while they are having dinner at the Liverpool restaurant hotel, subsequently becomes Rebecca's one night stand.

What movie is in Ted Lasso Season 1 Episode 7? ›

The Iron Giant was a film AFC Richmond watched on the evening prior to their first match against Everton F.C. in the Ted Lasso era. They chose the movie over a pillow fight, the other option Lasso offered them.

How long is the pilot of Ted Lasso? ›

Pilot (Ted Lasso)
Editing byMelissa McCoy
Original release dateAugust 14, 2020
Running time31 minutes
Guest appearances
12 more rows

How many episodes of Ted Lasso Season 3 will there be? ›

Ted Lasso Season 3 will be 12 episodes in total, so that means there are 5 episodes, and 5 weeks of feel-good soccer fun, remaining.

Why is Rebecca called stinky? ›

Resurrecting A Friendship

She calls Rebecca as 'Stinky' — initially as a mean to poisoned the young Rebecca's reputation with their classmates, but they formed a friendship, and the nickname stuck. She immediately falls in with Keeley, who finds her fascinating.

Why is Nate Greying Ted Lasso? ›

Nick Mohammed, the actor who plays Nate Shelley, explained the reasons behind going for a pigment-free head of hair. The actor revealed that the hair colour of the character was a deliberate change in order to show the character's transformation.

Who is the god daughter in Ted Lasso? ›

Nora is a recurring character in the Apple TV+ series Ted Lasso, and Flo Collins's teenage daughter and also Rebecca Welton's goddaughter.

What movie references are in Ted Lasso episode? ›

Every Line in the Book

Ted claims it isn't but admits it might be before spouting off variations of famous lines from films like Notting Hill, When Harry Met Sally, Jerry Maguire, and The Princess Bride. As soon as words like, “I'm just a boy, standing in front of…” begin to exit Ted, Roy is ready to bolt.

Is Lasso the movie based on a true story? ›

Ted Lasso is not based on a true story, but the show does draw from real-life inspirations. The show was initially conceived by stars Jason Sudeikis and Brendan Hunt – who play Lasso and Coach Beard, respectively – over 20 years ago, when the pair were performing as improv comedy troupe Boom Chicago.

Who did Samuel Edwards play in Ted Lasso? ›

Ted Lasso (TV Series 2020– ) - Samuel Edwards as Geoff - IMDb.

What is Jamie Tartt's accent? ›

Dunster, who is nothing like Jamie in real life, discovered the character's Mancunian accent, which was not originally scripted, as he began to make Jamie his own. The regional dialect, akin to a strong Boston accent in the U.S., stuck.

Who is Roy Kent based on? ›

The character Roy Kent, played by one of the show's writers, Brett Goldstein, is clearly an homage to former Manchester United and Ireland captain Roy Keane. Kent is a hard-man player turned curmudgeonly pundit and coach.

Is Ted Lasso appropriate for a 13 year old? ›

Characters consume alcohol in social situations. Parents need to know that Ted Lasso is a sports comedy series that's upbeat and heartwarming but aimed at a mature audience.

Who is Zava based on? ›

Oskinski told USA Today that the character of Zava was based on Eric Cantona from France, Polish striker Robert Lewandowski and primarily, Zlatan Ibrahimović of Sweden, also a striker. The "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." actor read Ibrahimović's book and watched documentaries to prepare for the role of Zava, he said.

How many seasons will Ted Lasso be? ›

According to Deadline, Jason Sudeikis confirmed that Ted Lasso season 3 will be the last installment for the series. “This is the end of this story that we wanted to tell, that we were hoping to tell, that we loved to tell," he told the outlet on March 6.

Is Ted Lasso season 3 ever coming out? ›

When will Ted Lasso season 3 be released? A premiere date for season 3 has not been set. According to GQ, the show faced a series of production delays and script changes, and fans should expect new episodes in the spring of 2023.

Why does Rebecca sing at her dad's funeral? ›

It's also a song about refusing to let go of a loved one – something Rebecca is being forced to do before she was ready because of her father's sudden passing. Rebecca doesn't want to give her father up, even though her feelings about him were complicated and messy.

Did Ted sleep with Sassy? ›

Ted struggles to figure out how he feels after his one-night stand with Sassy, Rebecca kicks the hot waiter out of her bedroom and Nate sleeps inside the bus to ensure he doesn't miss it. Between having a panic attack at the karaoke bar and sleeping with Sassy, Ted got divorced.

Why did Roy and Keeley break up? ›

Roy & Keeley Claimed They Were Too Busy For Their Relationship To Work. When explaining their breakup to Roy's niece Rebecca, Keeley says that they are taking a break due to them both being too busy for a relationship. This makes sense, as both characters have recently undertaken new jobs with strenuous schedules.

Did Roy and Keeley break up? ›

After an awkward and open Season 2 ending, the couple confirms in Episode 301 that they are in fact broken up, by way of breaking the news to Roy's niece Phoebe (Elodie Blomfield), who asks the million-pound question: “Why?” The explanation is thin at best, and you can see that on Roy and Keeley's faces.

What is the metaphor of GREY hair? ›

Gray hair is sometimes seen as a sign of wisdom and respect. It's a sign that the person has lived a life, worth living—full of experience. The stereotype is that men become more distinguished with age (and gray hair) and women become old hags.

What race is Nate from Ted Lasso? ›

It is a compelling look at how people who are bullied can become bullies themselves—especially when they decide that their own mistreatment gives them entitlement—but also, Nate has been the sole recurring Asian character on the show.

Does Rebecca have a daughter in Ted Lasso? ›

Rebecca didn't have children with Rupert (Anthony Head), her ex-husband and the former owner of AFC Richmond.

What is the age difference between Sam and Rebecca? ›

For those who haven't watched the second season yet, Rebecca (the owner of AFC Richmond) and Sam (a player on the team) begin an on-and-off relationship, with the couple ending the season "on." This came as a surprise to fans, not only because of the age difference — Waddingham is approximately 20 years older than ...

What was Kiki May in? ›

Kiki May is known for The Electrical Life of Louis Wain (2021), Ted Lasso (2020) and The Great (2020).

How many episodes are in the Ted Lasso series? ›

How many seasons and how many episodes are there of Ted Lasso? ›

When did Ted Lasso Season 3 air? ›

The much-awaited third season of Ted Lasso premiered on March 15, 2023, and fans are eagerly anticipating the next chapter in his story. As the series comes to a close, viewers can expect a heartwarming and satisfying conclusion to the beloved character's tale.

When to watch Ted Lasso season 3? ›

Ted Lasso Season 3 will premiere on Wednesday, March 15 on Apple TV+. New episodes of the 12-episode season will be released each Wednesday.

Are Roy and Keeley breaking up? ›

After an awkward and open Season 2 ending, the couple confirms in Episode 301 that they are in fact broken up, by way of breaking the news to Roy's niece Phoebe (Elodie Blomfield), who asks the million-pound question: “Why?”

Is Roy Kent based on Roy Keane? ›

The character of Roy Kent is based on Irish footballer Roy Keane. Keane played in the Premier League from 1992 to 2006 for both Nottingham Forest and, more famously, Manchester United. Like Roy Kent, Keane was also team captain and was famous for his temper and aggression, both on and off the field.

Why did Nate's hair turn GREY? ›

Nick Mohammed, the actor who plays Nate Shelley, explained the reasons behind going for a pigment-free head of hair. The actor revealed that the hair colour of the character was a deliberate change in order to show the character's transformation.

Where was Ted Lasso filmed? ›

Much of Ted Lasso was filmed in real-life Richmond, England. If you're not ready to let Ted and the rest of the AFC Richmond gang go, here's the play-by-play for some Ted Lasso filming locations you can actually visit. Part of the Crown Estate, Richmond Green is an recreation area in the center of Richmond.

Is Rebecca pregnant on Ted Lasso? ›

Despite her desire to become a mother and the psychic's prediction that she would, Rebecca has learned that she is not now pregnant and has a slim chance of becoming pregnant in the future due to her advanced age.

What happened to Nate Shelley? ›

A major storyline in what's rumored to be Ted Lasso's final season centers around Nate Shelley, the former kit man turned assistant coach for AFC Richmond. He's now the head coach of West Ham, owned by Rupert, and is navigating his betrayal of his former team and his former boss.

Is Ted Lasso season 4 out? ›

Will there be a Ted Lasso Season 4? The answer is most likely no. Before the third season dropped on Apple TV+, Variety reported that the press was not allowed to ask the cast about a season 4 at the premiere, since publicists stressed that no decision has been made.

Why is Ted Lasso season 3 taking so long? ›

According to the new report, the first snag was that Sudeikis determined the scripts needed major rewrites, punting the episode one shoot to March 2021. From there, the process was further postponed by shifting storylines and additional locations (including an initially-unplanned Amsterdam shoot in April 2022).

How much is a subscription to Apple TV? ›

A monthly subscription is just $6.99 per month after a free 7-day trial.

Where is Richmond AFC? ›

AFC Richmond may be based in the eponymous West London destination in the series but scenes at the club's stadium are actually filmed at South London's Selhurst Park – the real-life home of Crystal Palace Football Club.


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