'The Dragon Prince' Season 4: Everything We Know So Far (2023)

'The Dragon Prince' Season 4: Everything We Know So Far

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The Dragon Prince – Picture: Netflix

the dragon prince it returns for a season 4, but not only, it also returns for seasons 5, 6 and 7, which will complete what is called The Dragon Prince Saga. It's been two years since Volume 3 was released on Netflix and two years have passed since the renewal news, so where is it? the dragon prince season 4? Here's what we know as of May 2022.

the dragon prince is a Netflix Original animated fantasy series created for Netflix by Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond. It is not surprising how much the dragon prince became, with the former editor of avatar the last airbenderAaron Ehasz at the helm.

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With a video game also in development, the dragon prince It easily became one of Netflix's most successful animated franchises, winning awards like an Emmy for Outstanding Animated Children's Program.

(Video) The Dragon Prince Season 4 - What We Know So Far

But what about season 4 of the dragon prince? Before we dive into the production undergrowth and what to expect, we wanted to talk about Netflix's Geeked Week which runs from June 6-10.

We don't know exactly what's coming regarding The Dragon Prince, but we can expect it to come on Day 3 (June 8) when they explore "animation."

the dragon prince it was confirmed to be part of Netflix's Geeked week at 1:25 in the trailer. Once we receive a response, we'll be sure to update this post.

the dragon prince Netflix Renewal Status

Official Renewal Status: Renewed July 2020

After over 6 months of waiting, an update finally arrived at Comic-Con in 2020 (which was done remotely via Zoom at the time, see below) that the future of The Dragon Prince is secure, with creators being able to see through its vision until season 7.

A huge anime episode order isn't exactly unprecedented, but in this case, it's a huge endorsement of the show's performance on the streamer and what's to come.

Each of the new seasons will consist of 9 episodes, which means that when the series ends, there will be 63 episodes of the dragon prince in all.

The only possible reason the series couldn't be renewed (other than the usual cost issues and low viewing numbers) is due to accusations against series creator Aaron Ehasz. While the full truth has yet to be revealed, the accusations are that the creator of the dragon prince, Aaron Ehasz, created an “abusive environment for women.” All accusations should be taken seriously and while it may affect the future of the series, no project is worth more than any employee who has to suffer for it.

Where is The Dragon Prince season 4 in production and when will it be on Netflix?

Considering how much time has passed since The Dragon Prince season 3, you might be wondering what exactly is going on with the Netflix show.

The first acknowledgment of communities' frustration with updates came in February 2021. In a post, they said:

“Our team has worked hard since the full saga was greenlit to bring you the next phase of The Dragon Prince with care, passion and creativity. While the pandemic has affected the process on every level, the reality is that productions of this magnitude always take a long time. We're writing the story and scripts, building the production team, and developing other new and exciting areas of Xadia to explore. While we can't give you a date for Season 4 right now, we want you to know that the wait for new seasons will be worth it!

Just to add some additional context to this. Netflix usually pre-orders anime series in advance. This is the case for all of Dreamwork's production on Netflix, with titles often garnering double-digit episode orders. The reason this is so different from live action is because, as the above suggests, production is incredibly different in animated titles.

(Video) Absolutely Everything We Know About Season 4 of The Dragon Prince

Then came a new update in December 2021 (among other announcements) where Season 4 was discussed at length.

They revealed how Seasons 4-6 will be a new 'phase' of the Dragon Prince saga and Season 7 will also be a separate phase.

They delved into the intricacies of building a series like this and compared the 3-year development cycle to the release of seasons 1-3. Seasons 4, 5, and 6, which we started as soon as the series renewed in 2020, and we're spending a similar amount of time ahead of time to make sure we get the Phase 2 story arc just right.

Could this mean that, following the same pattern, we won't get the first set of episodes until 2023? It certainly implies that.

They go on to add that Season 4 is in full production and adds:

"At this point, the scripts for all nine episodes have been written, we've shot the entire season with our amazing voice actors, the storyboards and animations are complete, and we're now in the process of fully animating each episode with our partners. . at Bardel Entertainment.

This final stage of development is often the most time-consuming, as it includes a variety of additional steps such as modeling, lighting, rendering, compositing, special effects, sound design, and editing. We still have a lot of work to do before Season 4 ends, so it's still too early to share a release date, but we're currently looking to finish late 2022 at the earliest. »

In April 2022, we get another update from The Dragon Prince crew.

They claim:

  • All scripts are written
  • All dialogs are recorded.
  • All storyboards and animations are complete.
  • 6 of 9 episodes now have full animation
  • 4 of the 9 episodes are currently in lighting, rendering and compositing
  • 2 of the 9 episodes are in post-production for music and sound

Hello #TDP community,

We know many of you are eagerly awaiting the arrival of #TheDragonPrince Season 4. Although development is still ongoing, we wanted to share a quick update on the progress we've made so far this year.

Keep reading to find out more! 👇#Netflix #Bardel pic.twitter.com/dp6CwoDT8l

(Video) What Went Wrong With The Dragon Prince Season 4?

— The Dragon Prince (@thedragonprince) April 13, 2022

What to expect from The Dragon Prince Season 4?

If you haven't watched the entire third season of the dragon princewe recommend jumping below:

First of all, we know that Season 4 will also be known as Book 4: Earth.

Beyond that, the story is entirely speculative.

Everything was shaping up to be a happy ending with Zym's mother waking up and the friendship between humans and elves rekindled. Viren may have died after falling with Rayla from the top of the mountain, but was brought back to life by his daughter Claudia two days later. Concerned about Aaravos' comings and goings, Claudia gestured to the huge cocoon on the cave wall.

It's unclear how much power Viren was able to absorb from the baby dragon Zym, but it was clearly enough for Aaravos' creature to shapeshift. Once the creature hatched, it could rival the power of dragons. One thing is certain though, Viren, Claudia and Aaravos remain a serious threat.

He's not so small anymore! The Aaravos Caterpillar was once full size – Copyright. wonderful storm

Callum and Rayla's relationship will be even more fun to explore next season after they finally admit their love for each other. It wasn't clear by the end of the series, but Rayla still has to retrieve Viren's coins which contain the trapped souls of other Moon shadow elves.

Callum has continued to grow in strength through his magic and will likely continue to improve his abilities. We can't wait to see him take on either Viren or Claudia in a climactic, magic-on-magic fight and it should be epic.

Ezran begins to become king, and with his friends by his side, he will be a great king. His ability to befriend animals and other creatures will be instrumental in keeping the peace between dragons, humans, and elves.

Ezran has a special relationship with Zym – Copyright. wonderful storm

Do you want to see another season of the dragon prince? Let us know in the comments below!

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'The Dragon Prince' Season 4: Everything We Know So Far? ›

What is the Dragon Prince Season 4 release date. In case it wasn't already clear, Dragon Prince Season 4 arrives on Netflix on Thursday November 3, 2022.

Is Dragon Prince season 4 coming out? ›

What is the Dragon Prince Season 4 release date. In case it wasn't already clear, Dragon Prince Season 4 arrives on Netflix on Thursday November 3, 2022.

How old is Rayla in season 4? ›

How old is Rayla in season 4? She is a skilled assassin who is a 17-year-old Moonshadow elf who was dispatched with a party to kill King Harrow of Katolis and his son Ezran.

Why did Aaravos possess Callum? ›

The possession was a way to drive home the point that, regardless what Callum does, there is no escape for him. To instill a feeling of helplessness and inevitability in Callum. That no resistance is possible, leaving Callum with no choice but to accept subservience to Aaravos… …

What we know about The Dragon Prince season 4? ›

The Dragon Prince Season 4 will show conflicts and tussles between human beings and dragons. The humans had a cause to destroy the dragon Prince and ruin the egg of his successor. The story will revolve around the expansion of Xadia and its kingdom.

How old is Callum in season 4? ›

Other: Callum is 4 years, 8 months, and 4 days older than Ezran.

Why did Rayla leave Callum? ›

Fearing for Callum's life, Rayla deceived him by pretending to agree that they should go together. Instead, Rayla left in the middle of the night for Xadia, leaving him behind.

Does Callum forgive Rayla in season 4? ›

The final moments of "Season 4: Fallen Star" see Rayla returning to Callum's side after being gone for a year. Sadly for Rayla, Callum is unable to forgive her right away, but surely he will be able to at some point during the next three seasons.

What race is Rayla? ›

Rayla is a Moonshadow Elf originating from the Silvergrove. She is the daughter of Tiadrin and Lain, and was raised by Runaan and Ethari while her parents were on duty serving the Dragonguard.

Is Callum taller than Rayla? ›

Word from folks who saw the first episode is that not only is Callum taller than Rayla, he's Soren's height!?

Who is Callum's biological father? ›

Callum meets his biological father, Troy Miller (Dieter Brummer), and gets on well with him. Toadie and Sonya get back together, which angers Troy.

Who is Callum's real father Dragon Prince? ›

CALLUM. As the adopted son of King Harrow, Callum is the “step prince” of Katolis. He's an awkward fit for the role of a prince: Callum can hardly hold up a sword, he falls off every horse he tries to ride, and he isn't quite sure how to act around his stepfather, the King.

Who are Callum's real parents? ›

Callum was born to Sarai and an unknown father in the Human Kingdoms on July 15. After his father passed away and Sarai had been remarried to Harrow, he received the title of a prince.

What type of elf is Nyx? ›

Naimi-Selari-Nykantia / Nyx (voiced by Rhona Rees): An avaricious Skywing Elf, one of the few of her kind gifted with functional wings who wishes to profit from any chance she gets.

What kind of elf is Aaravos? ›

Aaravos is introduced as an ancient and mysterious Startouch Elf, an ancient type of universal elf that connects to the magical cosmic energy of the stars and is extremely rare.

Who is Claudia and Soren mom? ›

She is the daughter of Viren and Lissa, and the younger sister of Soren.

Who is Callum's real mother? ›

Sarai was the Queen of Katolis, the largest of the five Human Kingdoms, until her death. She was the wife of the late King Harrow, the older sister of Amaya, and the mother of Callum and Ezran.

What is Callum's real name? ›

Callum Whitworth, born on August 24, 2000, is a content creator and soccer player. He started on TikTok with just a few followers and has gone on to amass millions of followers across his social media accounts.

Does Rayla appear in season 4? ›

Rayla is in a very different place in Season 4, but she sports her incredible fighting skills and hilarious wit that we've come to love. Her relationship with Ezran, and more importantly, Callum, is a significant factor in this season.

What did Aaravos whisper? ›

What did aaravos whisper to queen Khessa's ear? Aaravos told her the spell he used to kill her grandmother. When he said the incantation she recognized it, and was horrified. However, by speaking the trigger words to the spell (the incantation) he was able to cast it by flicking her chin.

How old was Rayla? ›

Rayla is one of the three main protagonists of the 2018 animated Netflix show The Dragon Prince. She is a 17 year old moonshadow elf who was trained as an assassin, sent with a group to assassinate King Harrow of Katolis and his son Ezran.

Is Rayla a female? ›

Rayla is a feminine name with German and Hebrew origins.

How powerful is Callum in season 4? ›

While Callum can barely hold a sword, he is shown to be exceptionally strong, able to hold up Rayla, Ezran, and Zym with barely any effort when they all fell off a cliff when Phoe-Phoe made a rough landing.

When did Rayla start liking Callum? ›

When Callum fell ill due to the effects of using dark magic, her concern for him increased to the point where she held him in tears mumbling, "Callum I-... I" while holding him close, showing that she had developed feelings for him.

Why did Rayla leave at end of season 3? ›

Rayla abandons her mission to kill Harrow and Ezran, deciding that since the Dragon Prince's egg survives, revenge is unnecessary.

Who is black rayla? ›

Rayla, known first as Black Rayla and later as White Rayla — a natural-born soldier and a veteran of the wars with Nilfgaard. She was an officer of the special forces of king Demawend of Aedirn, and took part in the Battle of Brenna, during which she was maimed and disfigured.

What are the 6 elements Dragon Prince? ›

All magic in the world draws upon the six Primal Sources, enormous, powerful entities of the natural world: the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the Earth, the Sky, and the Ocean. The magical creatures of Xadia are all connected to a Primal Source, and their natures and powers reflect that source.

Is Amaya Deaf in The Dragon Prince? ›

In episode four, titled “Bloodthirsty,” viewers are introduced to the princes' aunt, Amaya. She is a high-ranking general in one of the human kingdoms, and she is also deaf. Amaya communicates through sign language and is regularly accompanied by her friend and translator, Gren (voiced by Adrian Petriw).

How much older is Claudia than Callum? ›

= Claudia is 2 years older than Callum, minus a month.

Does Callum have a twin? ›

Callum, is the fraternal twin of Ethan Holder (ag3838) who was absorbed by Ethan in the womb which enhanced Ethan's powers and made him unique among his doppelgangers.

Does Aaravos possess callum? ›

Aaravos uses the opportunity to cast a dark magic spell that allows him to possess Callum before mocking Team Zym for their flaws: Zubeia for imprisoning him and losing her beloved Avizandum, Ezran for being too optimistic, Rayla for her inability to kill, Soren for being Viren's least favorite child, and Callum for ...

Does Callum love Claudia? ›

Callum. Callum and Claudia have known each other since early childhood. She seems to be oblivious to his crush on her, as seen when he tried to ask her to be his date at the Moon Nexus, though she had feelings for him as well, leading to the two having their first date, where they almost shared a kiss.

Why is Aaravos evil? ›

As a character Aaravos is viewed in two ways. By the humans he is viewed as a Prometheus-like character, who granted humanity the gift and knowledge of dark magic. The elves and dragons view him as Lucifer-like character since he is represent as a great threat to everyone and is very manipulative and malicious.

Who is Amaya's girlfriend Dragon Prince? ›

Two years after becoming allies, Janai proposed to Amaya through an elaborate Sunfire Elf ritual and became officially engaged to her.

Did Rayla and Callum break up? ›

The last time we saw them was in the graphic novel when Rayla left Callum to go off on her own to find Viren and didn't even say goodbye. Two years later, Callum is still heartbroken by Rayla's departure.

Where did Callum's dad go? ›

Ryan McGregor: Callum's father, who is killed trying to escape from prison after the Dundale bombing. Meggie McGregor: Callum's mother, who had been Sephy's nanny until Jasmine fired her. She convinces Sephy to move in with her and is very close to Callie Rose.

What ethnicity is Callum? ›

Callum is a Scottish Gaelic name that commemorates the Latin name Columba, meaning 'dove'. Callum was popular among early Christians because the dove was a symbol of purity, peace and the Holy Spirit.

Is Prince Callum adopted? ›

Meet The Dragon Prince characters: Callum, the adopted son of King Harrow, and “step prince” of Katolis. He's an awkward fit for the role of a prince: Callum can hardly hold up a sword, he falls off every horse he tries to ride, and he isn't quite sure how to act around his stepfather, the King.

Who is the most beautiful Elf? ›

Arwen. Daughter of Elrond and granddaughter of Galadriel, Arwen was called the “Evenstar” and was accounted as the most beautiful of the final generation of elves. She was a descendant of Lúthien and often compared to her for her beauty and for her relationship with Aragorn.

Who is Nyx lover? ›

Nyx married Erebus, the God of darkness.

Who is the god of half Elf? ›

Elves, and half-elves (as well as many bards) worship Corellon.

Who is the black elf? ›

I think most of the objections have been against Arondir (Ismael Cruz Córdova), who is the Black elf. He's one of the immortal elves of Tolkien's legendarium. The legendarium is, broadly speaking, the lore behind the universe explored in Tolkien's books.

What is the most powerful type of elf in The Dragon Prince? ›

Moonshadow Elves are at their strongest at night. On the night of a full moon, Moonshadow Elves are at the height of their power and can become nearly invisible upon entering a "Moonshadow Form".

What is the most powerful race of elf? ›

High Elves are probably the most powerful consistently united faction in the setting.

Who does Soren love? ›

Otulissa, in return, showed concern for Soren and the Band when they flew out treasure hunting. However, in the film, she is made his love interest. Soren first met her when he and the band first came to the tree. Immediately, Soren had a small crush on her, and Otulissa reciprocated the feelings.

Who does Claudia have a crush on? ›

Claudia has had a crush on Brad Turino for as long as she can remember. She's thrilled when Brad asks her for help with homework.

Why does Claudia's hair turn white? ›

As it turns out, all of the Moonshadow elves have white hair. In a darker shade on this, Claudia's hair starts going white when she overtaxes himself on dark magic.

What time does season 4 of The Dragon Prince come out? ›

The much-awaited Dragon Prince- Mystery of Aaravos: Season 4 is set to release in November 2022 with the theme Earth. The first three series were called Moon, Sky, and Sun; hence, Season 4 is Earth. The theme is called Vision by the creators. Till Season 7, the Vision has already been coined.

What is season 4 Dragon Prince called? ›

Season 4's title change to 'The Dragon Prince: The Mystery of Aaravos' is a relaunch. Its whole purpose was to stand out from its predecessors. All three seasons followed the same narrative arc. The three protagonists eventually stopped the impending global war by thwarting Viren's (Jason Simpson) scheme.

Is Rayla in season 4? ›

Rayla is in a very different place in Season 4, but she sports her incredible fighting skills and hilarious wit that we've come to love. Her relationship with Ezran, and more importantly, Callum, is a significant factor in this season.

Is Dragon Prince season 4 good? ›

The Dragon Prince Season 4 makes a welcome – and timely – return to television, with a compelling new story and challenges for its heroes.

Who is Callum's dad? ›

As the adopted son of King Harrow, Callum is the “step prince” of Katolis.

Will The Dragon Prince have 7 seasons? ›

The Dragon Prince seasons 5, 6, and 7 will also have nine episodes each, and the series will cover 63 installments within the finale series. Another good news is the franchise is expanding with more content and formations. Aside from the series, the franchise will come with books, comics, and video games in the future.

What is Dragon Prince season 5 coming out? ›

Earlier in January this year, Netflix has announced that The Dragon Prince" season 5 would release sometime in this year. "The Dragon Prince" season 5 could be released in April, 2023, as per What's On Netflix report.

Who plays Rayla in The Dragon Prince season 4? ›

Rayla (voiced by Paula Burrows): A prodigy teenage Moonshadow Elf assassin who teams up with Callum and Ezran in order to deliver the Dragon Prince back to his mother. In time, she and Callum begin a romantic relationship.

What happens to Rayla in season 4? ›

How does The Dragon Prince Season 4 end? Back at the Storm Spire, Queen Zubeia shows up to confront Rex, driving him back inside the mountain and saving our heroes before it's too late. Thankfully Rayla is still alive too, and she also has the coins in her possession as well.

How old is Rayla in human years? ›

She is a 17 year old moonshadow elf who was trained as an assassin, sent with a group to assassinate King Harrow of Katolis and his son Ezran.

Who is the main villain in Dragon Prince season 4? ›

Lord Viren, also known simply as Viren, is the main antagonist of the Netflix fantasy animated series The Dragon Prince. He is the High Mage of Katolis, an adviser of King Harrow, and a master of dark magic who has vision for the future of humanity by ridding the world of Xadia.

Who is the strongest mage in The Dragon Prince? ›

Though it should be obvious from his reputation as the only elf in history to have gained access to all six primal sources, as well as being adept at and possibly being the creator of Dark Magic, Aaravos is quite clearly the most powerful mage in The Dragon Prince.


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